Photo 1.  NW Montana - Paradise for those who love the outdoors!

Photo 2.  PUCKER FACTOR STAGES - PF 6 (Low).  
Pucker Factor level low - Rendezvous at the PZ (Pickup Zone) for the combat assault. A time to think.

Photo 3.   PUCKER FACTOR STAGES - PF 7 (Moderate).
Pucker Factor  level moderate - The long brief ride to the LZ (Landing Zone), praying it won't be a hot LZ!

Photo 4. PUCKER FACTOR STAGES - PF 8 (Medium).
Pucker Factor  level medium - When the pilot yells "Get Ready Boys!" She's a hot LZ!

Photo 5.   PUCKER FACTOR STAGES - PF 9 (High).
Pucker Factor  level high - When the pilot yells "Go!...and you're still 10 feet from the ground and your slick isn't landing!

Photo 6. PUCKER FACTOR STAGES - PF 10 (Extreme).
Pucker Factor  level Extreme - Engaging the enemy!

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