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On the Currahee Trail is written by an infantry battalion medic.  He writes from the heart in a way that draws the reader in and and feel as though you really understand the essence of the experience he is portraying. Somehow while vividly describing the wrenching war experience, simultaneously he speaks to the humanity within the individuals there. This book made you laugh and made you cry. Once started it is hard to stop reading. It will leave you with a much deeper understanding of what these veterans endured and much respect for the men they were then and are now.

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Al Thompson

Al Thompson spent the Vietnam War fighting the Grim Reaper as a combat medic; they clearly won some of those battles. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, who was a veteran of WWII Pacific Theater and the Korean Conflict He felt his father was a true warrior and great model of what it means to be a man. However, his adopted son had a gentler side. Al served in ways that reflected compassion. Medics were shot at like anyone else, and often moved in a hail of bullets. Al's job was to save the HBravos (infantry), but they in turn... saved him. Young men eventually find their own identity. Al's Dad was quite proud of how he turned out Al prayed a soldier's prayer under fire. "Dear God, if I live to be 20,1 will remember you. If I don't make it... please make it quick." He lived and returned to school and eventually obtained a masters degree. He later served in the ministry for eight years, and for the past 12 years has served as a volunteer hospital chaplain. Lately he has also discovered a new way to give back. Ultimately, those who survive are called to remember their friends who died on the battle field. He began writing a blog, which provided the material for this book. You can find the original drafts and more posts at: althompsonl01.wordpress.com.