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Chris entered the army in 1966 as the USA was building up its presence in Vietnam.  Over the next two years he trained and fought with some of the greatest men that he has ever had the privi9lege of knowing.

Up on returning to the States, in 1968, the newly minted Sgt. Adams became an instructor in the Fort Benning Airborne School.  After being discharged from the Army a year later, his life became indistinguishable from countless other men who served their country during the Vietnam War.  He entered college in 1971 and continuing to work a string of various jobs until, eventually , he was hired at Packard Electric in the fall of 1973.

While going to school and working full time Adams married.  In 1980 he graduated from college with a BS in Chemistry and Biology.  Adams  retired from Packard Electric, in 2007 (now called Delphi), after thirty-four years.

Chris and his wife are blessed to be the parents of two beautiful daughters and moved from Ohio to Florida to become full-time snowbirds in 2018.

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Christopher Adams

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