Over the past several decades I have created three Gift Shop/PX sites--Currahee (Home based) Gift Shop/PX, CafePress Gift Shop/PX, and Zazzle Gift Shop/PX to provide specialized products for our members and other veterans.  CLICK on their link below to visit each.

    The primary mission for creating these Gift Shops is to provide products for our 3-506th and Task Force 3-506th Units members.   If you served in the other two 506th battalions, the other 101st Battalions (187th, 501st, 502nd, 327th, etc.), 173rd Brigade, 82nd Abn. Div., you will find some of the same products with their crests on similar products.  The same goes for our combat brothers of the 4th Infantry Division units that participated in the Cambodia Incursion Operation in May 1970.   Check each Gift Shop/PX out and see what is offered.  Let me know if you want me to add a new product.  Purchase something and help support our “Informal Organization” & Website.

Products found in the Currahee Gift Shop/PX- Click Below

 Currahee Gift Shop/PX