Book 1-6: Combat Surgeon..

Author: Dr. Andrew Lovy - Combat Surgeon is a rare gem of first-person, primary-source history of our nationís most controversial war. Dr. Lovy was the battalion surgeon for the 3-506th.  Click Here to read more about "Combat Surgeon in Vietnam.":

Book 1-7: Steel Rain

Author: John Harrison, Platoon Leader, 2nd Platoon, Alpha Co. - The book, Steel Rain--the Tet Offensive, covers the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War, 1968, including the 1968 Tet Offensive with the 3-506th.   Click here to read more about "Steel Rain".

Book 1-8: None Will Surpass

This is the story of the four decade service and sacrifice to the Nation of The United States Military Academy Class of 1967. It is told through the experiences of a member of that Class.  Click Here to read more about "None Will Surpass"

Book 1-9: Warriors and Fools

Warriors and Fools is not just another book about the Vietnam War. It is different from most. Unlike some others, the author is a veteran of that conflict, and a retired military officer with nearly thirty years' service.  Click Here to read more about "Warriors and Fools".

Book 1-10: Company of Heroes

The Memoirs of Captain Richard M. Blackburn. Richard enlisted in the United States Army in 1942 and after serving as a company clerk for approximately a year, then Sgt. Blackburn requested a transfer to the Infantry and commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He was shipped to England, destined for Normandy Click Here to read more about "Warriors and Fools".

Book 1-11: God's Squad

Battalion Chaplain, Captain James L. Burnham, saw active duty with the 327th in 1967 and 3-506th at Phan Thiet from January to July 1968. He was airborne, loved his men, and unlike some chaplains that served in Vietnam, wasn't afraid to be where the action was. GOD's SQUAD is a 98-page (5 3/4" by 8 3/4") book now on DVD from the pages of Chaplain Burnham's Vietnam Diary. Click Here to read more about "None Will Surpass"


Book 1-12: On The Currahee Trail

On the Currahee Trail is written by an infantry battalion medic with the 3-506 (Airborne).  He writes from the heart in a way that draws the reader in and and feel as though you really understand the essence of the experience he is portraying. Somehow while vividly describing the wrenching war experience, simultaneously he speaks to the humanity within the individuals there. Click Here to read more about "None Will Surpass"

Book 1-13: Unlikely Warrior

 Mike Dingman had to make a choice between peace and honor, and he had chosen honor. So begins the journey of C. Michael Dingman from conflict-avoiding child and teen to recipient of a Bronze Star for Valor for his service as a combat medic in the Vietnam War to devoted minister. Unlikely Warrior is an achingly honest testimony of a decent boy becoming a good man, trusting his God and doing his best to do the right thing while covered in mud and blood and ducking volleys of enemy fire. Click Here to read more about "None Will Surpass"

Book 1-15: From Jerusalem to Cohutta

Despite her many years of struggle with ovarian cancer, Mary Anne Burnham -  wife of 3-506 Battalion Chaplain, Captain James Burnham - presents an inspiring account of celebrating life, family, and friends. Written with honesty and compassion, From Jerusalem to Cohutta offers insight into the challenges each of us face in our own journey of life. For those battling cancer, or any difficult circumstance, this book is a valuable resource of ideas that shares encouragement and wisdom. Mary Anne's story is one of victory because of the sufficient of the One who has traveled with her. Click Here to read more about "None Will Surpass"

Book 1-16: Repurposed Faith

Life has a way of shaking us up, cluttering our priorities, and shifting our focus. When this occurs, our walk with the Lord is often disrupted. One morning, you wake up and realize there are only embers where once a spiritual fire roared. If you ever found yourself in this place, don't be discouraged!  Repurposed Faith is designed to refresh and redirect your priorities back to Christ and His Word. Click Here to read more about "Repurposed Faith"

Book 1-17: The Protected Will Never Know

 Don Meyer was assigned as a rifleman in Company D, 3rd Battalion, 506th Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division and became the Radio, Telephone Operator (RTO) for his platoon leader. His tour of duty included the incursion into Cambodia in May 1970 - Operation Binh Tay I.  Click Here to read more about "The Protected Will Never Know"