About The Book & Author

This is an account of one man's experiences with an artillery battery in Vietnam during the height of the U.S. involvement in the war. He was stationed at a firebase at the edge of the Central Highlands, astride a major infiltration route. The enemy wanted them out of there. Over the course of much of his tour, LZ Sherry, and the soldiers stationed there, would be on the receiving end of a concerted effort to dislodge them from that location. The artillerymen gave as good as they got and gained a certain respect and notoriety among their peers in the battalion and regiment for what they endured and overcame at the hands of the enemy over the course of the balance of 1968 and throughout 1969. They absorbed more attacks and suffered more casualties than any other battery in the regiment. This is not just a book about battle, however. The author shares numerous details about every day activity and humorous sidelights that will keep the reader engaged throughout the book.

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Rix Graves

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