About The Book & Author

Ed Gaydos was not a hero. Shipped off to Vietnam in 1970, he did not capture a single enemy soldier or single-handedly dismantle the Ho Chi Minh trail. He sat on a remote patch of sand behind barbed wire with a bunch of teenagers, dodging incoming mortars, battling insects and holding back an avalanche of paperwork.

This hilarious, intelligent memoir of the regular soldiers of the Vietnam War will leave readers of all types hungry for the next story. With an unflinching eye for detail that spares no one, even himself, Ed Gaydos reveals his personal struggles to make sense of the war. He somehow manages to exit laughing in Seven In A Jeep.

"Seven in a Jeep is written with clarity, insight and a wonderful sense of irony. Although it is about just one small unit in a big war, it should resonate for anyone who wonders what it is like to be part of a diverse group of human beings facing a common danger far from home. This book is both an informative and entertaining read." - William J. Shkurti, author of Soldiering on in a Dying War

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Ed Gaydos

 has a razor wit, a radar for the absurd and a scholar's precision. Seven in a Jeep, his Vietnam memoir, is the work of a gifted storyteller." - Mike Curtin, retired editor, The Columbus Dispatch.