The Aid Station

     When word reaches me of anyone of our "band of combat brothers" who are seriously ill and under medical care, I will post his name, former unit, and contact information.  I ask that any member, member's family, or relative who know of a seriously ill member to get their information to me. We  continue to watch out for one another. -- Jerry in Montana.                      

As of July 22, 2017 there are four reported known seriously ill members.

3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (3-506th)
  • Company A
  • Company B
July 22, 2017 - The following message from Frank Gilbert (B Co. 1967/68 - "Boat Trooper") reads: "I am going to the VA for blood cancer they think is connected to agent orange. It's called polycythemia Vera, positive by ID of JAk-2 test. No cure. Do phlebotomies once a month and take chemo drug call hydroxiauhria. wonder if any one else that served with us in 67/68 have it? my thoughts. Airborne."  Frank can be reached at:
  • Company C
July 28, 2017 "UPDATE" - Message from Louis Petrarca (C Co. 1969/70):
Just got an Email from goodies wife Debbie "wanted to let you know Dave passed away today( wed.). It was very peaceful and he was surrounded by friends and family. Please let the rest of the guys know. God Bless,"Debbie". 
July 20, 2017 - Message from William Rybolt (C Co. 1969/70): "I just spoke to (David "Goodie" Goodman's (3/C 69/70) wife Debbie a few moments ago. Two weeks ago Goodie was diagnosed with colon cancer . He is in hospice at this time and is resting comfortably ,but only has a few days left to live ,according to the doctors.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers (per Debbie's request)."  My contact for "Goodie" is:
June, 2017 - Message from Dean "Deano" Morrison (4/C Co. 1967/68 - "Boat Trooper"): Deano informed me that he was recently diagnosed with prostrate cancer and has began treatment.  Update coming. " "Deano" can be reached at:
  • Company D
  • Company E
  • Currahee Shock Force/LRRPs
  • HHC
July 2017 - Phone call from Medic Bruce Nied (HHC 1968/69) to inform me that he has recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Additional tests has shown the cancer has spread.  Update coming.
* If you have information concerning a member's serious illness and would like for me to let our "band of combat brothers" know, please contact me via my e-mail:  I have received a good many notifications over the past year of other members having serious illnesses and will attempt to contact them for updates, and post here.  Please report any errors or misinformation in this section, so I can correct.

Task Force 3-506th (TF 3-506th) Units
  • Delta Battery, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 320th Artillery
  • 326th Medical Battalion (Airborne)
  • Companies A/HHC, 326th Engineer Battalion (Airborne)
  • B, C, & E Batteries, 5th Battalion, 27th Artillery
  • C Battery, 5th Battalion, 22nd Artillery
  • 192nd Assault Helicopter Company
  • 254th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance)
  • 183rd Reconnaissance Airplane Company "Birddogs"
  • C Company, 31st Combat Engineers
  • MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System)
  • 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 299th Engineers (Cambodia)
  • 183rd RAC to the above banner soon.
  • Please Advise If Any TF 3-506 Unit Is Missing. 

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