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Photo 1.  "Another Summer on the Kootenai Gone!"  Kootenai River outside Libby, MT.

Photo 2.  Safe Conduct Pass (Front) - Text in English, Vietnamese translation above and Korean translation below English message.

Photo 3.  Safe Conduct Pass (Back) - English translation at top, Korean at bottom and Vietnamese in beside pictures center.  The passport was valid and could be turned in through all government agencies and allied forces.

Photo 4.  Persuasive PsyOp Leaflet (Front) - One of a number PsyOp leaflets created for the 101st Airborne Div. in Vietnam.  For a full translation of this leaflet and over 100 others, both Free World Forces and Communist used during the Vietnam war, get a copy of Jerry's Psychological Warfare Leaflets of the Vietnam War in PX.

Photo 5.  Persuasive PsyOp Leaflet (Back) - Translation-The government of the republic of Vietnam, will compensate those officers and soldiers, who really want to participate in the liberation and bring peace among us forever.

Photo 6.  Military Payment Certificate or MPC).  Military payment certificates was the form of currency we could only use in Vietnam.  We were required to turn in our US currency for MPCs


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