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Photo 1.  "Journey to Leigh Lake above Libby, MT on the 4th of July--Lots of huckleberries
Photo 2.  Bravo 2-6, this is Polecat 6, we're inbound, we have your smoke
Photo 3.  Alpha 6, this is Alpha 1-6, Polecats are airborne headed your LZ
Photo 4.  Polecat lead....on my signal!
Photo 5.  Charlie 6, this is Tiger Shark 29...your problem has been taken care of!
Photo 6.  Alpha 3-6 this is Tiger Shark 35, we solved your sniper problem!


We are the Veterans of 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees)
Our Combat Band of Brothers include Task Force 3-506 & 4th Infantry Division (Cambodia Veterans)
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