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Photo 1.  Big Hole Valley near Wisdom, Montana.

Photo 2.  CAPTAIN DAVID HILLARD'S CHARLIE COMPANY PLATOON LEADERS IN 1968 - Charlie Company CO and Platoon Leaders just prior to the Battle at Song Mao in July 1968.

Photo 3.  PSG WILLIE D. WASHINGTON A/Co. 68/69 and HIS PLATOON - PSG Washington and his platoon on Search and Destroy Mission near Phan Thiet.

Photo 4.  CPT. RICHARD LANE, 1LT ROBERT CLEMENS AND SP4 WINSTON HAMILTON - B Co. CO, Lane, Plt. Lder/Co. CO Clemens and Hamilton-1st WIA, 1st KIA in the 3-506th.

Photo 5.   BN CO LTC OTHAR J. SHALIKASHVILI, LTC JOHN E. MARTLING,PLT. LDR. 1LT. WYNN WILSON C CO 70/71 - Proud Commanders and Leaders of the 3-506th.

Photo 6. BATTALION MEDICS 1969/70 - 3-506TH Medics during 1969/70. If you recognize faces, please send names to Jerry.

We are the Veterans of 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees),
1st Brigade (Airborne), 101st Airborne Division
Our Combat Band of Brothers include Task Force 3-506 & 4th Infantry Division
(Cambodia Veterans) Welcome to our website







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   To all my Currahee combat brothers.  Now that I am  scaling-back my involvement with our 3-506th veterans  group, I encourage anyone considering me to write their  Vietnam Combat Journal to do so soon, because--like so many of us--time and  age are beginning to take their toll on this trooper.  Jerry in Montana

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